Maribert ® S.r.l. is an Italian company that has manufactured clothing buttons and shirt accessories since 1970. Thanks to more than 40 years’ experience, Maribert ® today specialises in the production of buttons in polyester, real natural horn buttons, mother of pearl or nacre buttons, corozo buttons, bone buttons, coconut buttons and other natural materials, such as wood. Alongside buttons, the company is also a renowned manufacturer of shirt accessories, such as collar supports (butterflies), plastic shirt collar bands (collar interlay strips) and shirt collar stays (stiffeners).

Thanks to the constant upgrading to new technologies Maribert ® can meet any brand request, such as custom buttons and buttons can be lasered with logos, trademarks, names, special designs and patterns in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Custom shirt accessories are made possible with special pad printing and stamping processes. To ensure a complete service, Maribert ® provides its clients with shirt pins, metal shirt clips and plastic shirt clips. Attention to detail has meant that Maribert ® products ‘Made in Italy’ are well-known in the national and international fashion industry, gaining the trust of many important brands.