MARIBERT SRL, in its small way, wants to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future, participating in the evolution of the social and economic system and protecting the environment at the same time.

This Green Policy is a document whose intent is to highlight the actions already taken and the initiatives for the future that MARIBERT SRL intends to implement to contribute to this target.


MARIBERT SRL in the production process uses water tumblers for the finishing of buttons. In the tumbling process different substances are used such as pumice powder and wax to obtain glossy or opaque effects according to the customer’s needs.

The process described above, although it does not contaminate the water, uses a lot of it. MARIBERT SRL, to avoid unnecessary waste, has decided to install a purifier that allows you to purify the water and reuse it.

The muddy residues, chemically neutral , deriving from the purification process are then disposed of in accordance with current legislation.


In addition to buttons, MARIBERT SRL produces accessories for shirt packaging such as sticks, necklaces and neck holders in PVC and PET by blanking. These materials are all 100% recyclable .

To avoid weighing on the public disposal of waste, MARIBERT SRL has studied a system for the collection and storage of production scraps which are then sold to companies specialized in the recycling of such materials.

Thanks this way, MARIBERT SRL has achieved the goal of zero waste from this production cycle.


Regarding the packaging it is necessary to make a distinction: the articles for the packaging of the shirts and real packaging for the shipment of the goods.
MARIBERT SRL has created two separate tables showing the characteristics of the production materials and the associated recycling symbols.

Unfortunately, due to the vastness of the articles and the disproportionate burden to adapt the production lines, MARIBERT SRL cannot apply this labeling directly in production.

To overcome this problem and still make this information available, a QR Code is applied to the external packaging labels and transport documents (Delivery Note), referring to the company website with the necessary information.

Packing Table